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No, but please keep batteries in an upright position during transport to our site and while offloading.
Yes we accept cable with the plastic still on, please call for up to date prices.
It as a hard question to answer as people work at different speeds, different cable thickness etc. We recommend stripping cable for an hour and bringing it in to us to see if it is more beneficial for the customer.
Mixed loads should be sorted as best as possible into each individual category prior to visiting our site, this makes the transaction more efficient for the customer.
Yes we offer a skip collection service, only metal can be put in our skips.
No, we don’t have a minimum amount of scrap metal.
Yes we have a wide range of machinery to lift your metal off including material handlers, forklifts and magnets.
We will depending on the items please call for more details or alternatively you can email photos of the items to
If you would like us to collect your call please call to arrange collection, alternatively you can bring you car to our site. All you need to bring is the vehicles registration document (V5)
No, due to the amount of machinery at our site it is too dangerous for members of the public to wander around looking to buy scrap reusable metal from us
As metal prices are forever changing we cannot give a price list, please call for up to date prices
As there are so many different types of catalytic converters we cannot tell without physically seeing the catalytic convertors which have four categories; Full catalytic converter, half catalytic converter, pre catalytic converter and after market catalytic converters
Ideally yes, you will get more money if you have the two metals separated
Not Many but yes, unfortunately we cannot accept; gas bottles, beer kegs, fridges/freezers, and anything containing asbestos material
Yes we will accept metal if there is a tyre on it although there will be a small disposal fee which can range depending on the size of the tyre itself
Yes, there is no need to make an appointment, see our contact page for opening times, or click here
The metal is all processed on site and separated into each individual categories ready for shipping globally to foundries where it will be recycled e,g, Lead would go to a lead foundry, copper to a copper foundry and so on and so fourth

Call us: 028 4481 1227