Steel Can Recycling

In 2005 Seaforde Scrap Metals became a registered CanRoute Centre.
This means we are contracted to Corus Steel, formerly British Steel, to receive steel cans from suppliers, bale these in our Harris TGS100 Baler and send for further processing to Corus Steel’s foundries on the mainland.

As the only CanRoute Centre in Ireland, we receive loads of steel cans from all over the country.

This means all the waste steel packaging used in Ireland, e.g. food tins, aerosol cans, etc. which the consumer recycles in their household bin or recycling centre, eventually end up here at Seaforde Metals.

Since 2005, we have processed thousands of tonnes of steel cans, which would previously have been dumped in landfill.

This steel packaging is recycled and will be used in the manufacture of new products from new cans to steel products used in the automobile or construction industries.