Seaforde Scrap Metals is a registered ATF (Authorised Treatment Facility) which means we have been approved by NIEA to safely recycle ELVs
(End of Life Vehicles)

In 2004, we updated our existing rig to a Single Station Seda Depolluting Rig and can offer a full depolluting and recycling service for End of Life Vehicles.

We process thousands of vehicles per year which range from cars which are still driveable to vehicles which have been burnt out, flattened or have been lying in a field for years. We issue DVA Certificates of Destruction for each ELV where relevant details are available.

The Depollution Process

The operator sets a vehicle on the Seda Single Fixed Station and removes the battery. This is set aside for moving to the battery storage area.

All fluids are drained from the vehicle. These fluids, oil, brake fluid, coolants etc. are sent to a specialized company to be recycled.

The tyres are removed from the vehicle and also sent for recycling.

Only when the battery and all fluids have been removed from the ELV, is the vehicle then transported by forklift truck to our Lefort Baling Plant where it is baled ready for dispatch for further recycling.

All vehicles are crushed on site and no vehicle is ever re-sold or put back on the public road.